Save the UO Librarians

Save the UO Librarians

As University of Oregon Faculty Librarian union members, librarians promote and defend quality public higher education by working together to uphold the university’s academic and research priorities.

You Need Your Librarians

The UO Libraries are one of several areas on campus facing significant loss of Career faculty FTE in the coming year. Of the 42 faculty librarians, 15 have been renewed at only .55 FTE for the coming year, and 5 more face half-time contracts because promotions would put them on a new contract cycle. This FTE reduction would cut the UO librarian workforce by at least 25%.

Many library units are already short-staffed after several years of budget cuts leading to unfilled positions and layoffs during the last fiscal year. These additional cuts would inevitably lead to a significant reduction in or loss of many library services and professional expertise, which will have ripple effects on research, teaching, and learning across the entire University.

Librarians & Library Functions at Risk

Research & Instruction Experts

8 subject liaison librarians who support instruction, research, and library collections for the College of Education, Lundquist College of Business, School of Music and Dance, and 20 departments or program areas in the College of Arts and Sciences. This will impact the need to fulfill the coming year and decisions on what library collections are cut when those budgets are inevitably reduced.

STEM Support

All 3 science librarians in the Price Science Commons, who manage the Math tutoring center and support instruction, research, and library collections for STEM fields. This will deeply impact library support for the Knight Campus and supporting faculty shift to instruction online.

Law Instruction & Research Experts

3 out of the 5 librarians in the Law Library who teach credit-bearing courses on legal research, and support instruction, research, and library collections for the School of Law.

Digital Cultural Heritage

2 librarians who manage access, preservation, and instruction for digital collections, including the Historic Oregon Newspaper Program and Oregon Digital, UO and OSU’s joint digital cultural heritage archive.

Library Databases & eResources

2 librarians who manage library databases and e-resources, ensuring online access to full-text journals and e-books. When cuts come to library collections, these librarians are the ones we need to help negotiate millions of University funds to keep access to scholarly resources available to faculty and students

Specialized Expertise

3 librarians who catalog specialized materials, including serials, sound recordings, and rare books, ensuring that library users can find what they search for.

Special Collections & Archives Support

2 librarians in Special Collections and University Archives who manage 50,000 linear feet of collections, preserve and curate large collections of archival visual materials, and support access to unique primary source collections. This includes but is not limited to the Ken Kesey papers, Ursula K. Le Guin papers, and University archives.

Digital Scholarship Advancement

2 librarians who support digital scholarship projects and the advancement of digital scholarship and data management on campus, part of the cohort of UO Librarians who have helped bring in at least $1 million in the last two years.


2 librarians who coordinate the Digital Research, Education, and Media (DREAM) Lab. As space for faculty to engage in interdisciplinary digital research, education, and media intiatives.

Open Access

3 librarians supporting open access publishing, through leadership roles in the Senate Sub-Committee on Open Access and the Senate University Library Committee.

How can you help?

Write to the UO provost, deans, and those with

institutional power!

Let them know that we need our librarians!

Make clear the broad impact these losses will have on teaching, research, and learning at UO!

Share your librarian impact story!

Contribute a Testimonial!

If you can, please consider contributing an impact testimonial to highlight a librarian who has made an impact on your research and teaching.

The Uo Libraries Representative and Stewards

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Music and Dance Librarian, Associate Librarian

UA Representative and Steward

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Digital Scholarship Librarian, Assistant Librarian

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